Cubic Limit I - 1973-1975 and parts of Cubic Limit II - 1976-1977
The 12 edges of the Cube are used as an Alphabet

These programs were developed from earlier programs, for example from "Sphereless", P128 (1972) where I generated
signs from a less complex fixed structure, the square, using it's 4 sides and it's 2 diagonals as the alphabet.
See also, Drawings, 1970-1973, directly related to Cubic Limit I (early cube drawings,
squares with missing edges, triangles with missing edges, early algorithms which add and subtract lines).

- The following works (1973-1975) from this workphase were first published in the catalog:
   Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, May 1975
  see review of this show by Conil Lacoste in Le Monde, July 3, 1975
- The art pieces (1976-1977), using similar algorithms, were published in the first part of the catalog:
  Manfred Mohr, "Dessins Génératifs - Cubic Limit II", Galerie Weiller, Paris, October 1977

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P-155, concentration of lines at bottom, with slow rotation (1974) P-159, concentration of lines in center, with slow rotation (1974)

P-176, random distribution of cubes, lines extended to outer circle (1976) P-155c, random distribution of lines of cubes(1974)

P-154, Pairs of complimentary drawings    (1973)

P-161, series of 13 drawings, all combinations n lines at a time (1975)

P-164, logical addition of lines of the cube (1975) P-163, series of 4 drawings, logical addition of lines (1975)

P-186, addition and summing of lines of cube (1976) P-181, series of 3 drawings, addition, summing, overlay of lines (1976)

P-211, series of 7 drawings, rotation and extension of cube (1977) P192, 2 series of 13 drawings, transformation of one cube to another (1976)

early computer films (16mm)    (1972-1975) Computer etchings    (1975)

Hybrid Sewing-Computer Drawings    (1974)

transformations of texts and images    (1976)

Cubic Limit I