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P-192b, "sign + cosign", series of 13 plotter drawing / ink on paper, 1976, 36.5cm x 25cm each

A transformation of one cube into another line by line.

In another version of this program P-192a, a series of 13 plotter drawings,

2 cubes simultaneously loose their lines 1 by 1 leaving the last image blank.

© 1976 by Manfred Mohr

First published:
Catalog Manfred Mohr, "Dessins Génératifs - Cubic Limit II", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1977

About the work:
Two versions of this program were originally shown as wall hangings
on folding, sprocketed printer paper in Paris and Hamburg, 1976.
Wall Hanging 1
Wall Hanging 2

This work is also related to the computer-generated film "Complementary Cubes" 1973 - 1974
images of which were published in the catalog - Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1975