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Hybrid Sewing-Computer Drawings, 1974

One day, while visiting my aunt in Germany in 1974, I watched and admired as she worked on a very complicated and intriguing new sewing machine.
I suddenly got interested in experimenting with this machine myself.
Not having any material or even a project, I took some sheets of paper with some discarded computer drawings on them ( papers which I had used to wrap other computer drawings that I had just brought from Paris) and started to play around. After a few trials I ran out of paper and stopped.
I stored these experiments in a drawer, only to get back to them 37 years later, while looking for interesting material in my European depot together with my New York gallery.

Shown at:
bitforms gallery, New York
manfred mohr, 1964-2011, réflexion sur une esthétique programmée
Sept 9 - Oct 15, 2011

photos: John Berens

P-159-Sewing-A, 1974 - Henrique Faria Collection, New York

P-159-Sewing-B, 1974 -Estrellita B. Brodsky Collection, New York

© 1974 by Manfred Mohr