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Combinatorial possibilities of missing lines in a cube (at a given rotation).

one line:

two lines:

three lines:

four lines:

five lines:

six lines:

P-161, series of 13 plotter drawings / ink on paper, 1975, 40cm x 40cm each

Only 11 of the 13 drawings are shown on this webpage - above
The 2 drawings associated with zero lines not shown here:
drawing 1) cube with zero lines (empty set)
drawing 2) one cube with 12 lines.
The series of all 13 drawings are published in the 1975 catalog - see below.

© 1975 by Manfred Mohr

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click for larger image
Photo of the 13 drawings of P161 in exhibition "The Algorithm of Manfred Mohr", ZKM | Media Museum, Karlsruhe, June 8, 2013 - Sept 1, 2013

First published:
Catalog Manfred Mohr, "Cubic Limit", Galerie Weiller, Paris, 1975