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Manfred Mohr "signes géométrique", 1968
Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France 05. Nov. 1968 - 30. Nov. 1968

Cimaise Bonaparte, Paris, France 30. May - 29. June 1968
Opening delayed and gallery renamed due to May 1968 uprising

Manfred Mohr's first one-person show was scheduled for May 30 1968 at the Daniel Templon gallery in Paris, France.

Unfortunately the show could not open as planned because the riots of "MAI 68" started almost the same day. This event changed everything in France and the rest of the world took note.

As one can see from the invitation cards and catalog below, Mohr's opening was rescheduled for November 5, 1968. At the same time, the gallery's name was also changed from "Cimaise Bonaparte - Daniel Templon" to "Galerie Daniel Templon".

This catalog contains work from 1967-1968. In this workphase from from 1966-1969, Manfred Mohr created hard edge geometric artworks which he later called 'Surrealistic Geometry'. His elements were influenced by electronic and other technical signs and arranged so that the pictorial construction created a visual tension field. In addition to paintings, drawings, and lithographs, he created wooden reliefs, an interactive kinetic sound machine, multi-part works, works in series, and a visual poetry book. In this period, he had his first and second one-person shows. The events of Mai '68 in Paris influenced his first exhibition. Also, his first workphase catalog appeared.

Complete exhibition catalog (french/german)

From Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France

Invitations         Poster

Photos at the opening, Galerie Templon

Manfred Mohr's second one-person show, with paintings from the same period, took place at Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zürich 14 May - 12 July 1969

    exhibition views         Invitation

1968 French and German press about the show at Daniel Templon, Paris and Annemarie Verna, Zurich

Catherine Millet, Olivier Nateau, Paul Gauthier, Wolfgang Sauré, Klaus Stöhlker

Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog

  Collections, History

...More details to come later

From the 10th anniversary publication:
Dix Ans, Catalog Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris 1978

Some other artworks from this period 1968-1969

Interactive sound sculpture 1966-1967

Visual poetry artist book 1969

paintings, drawings, reliefs, collages

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