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P-198 (1977)

P-196 (1977)

P-197 (1977)

P-201 (1977)

P-202 sequence of six drawings (1977)

P-200-N, Sequence of six paintings (1977)
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Installation view at Galerie Teufel, Cologne 1978

Installation view at Museum Pforzheim Galerie 2017

Installation view at bitforms gallery, New York 2002

Installation view at Museum Pforzheim Galerie 2017

Cubic Limit II

About the work:
A drawing and it's explicative drawing from this work-phase were shown in the historic show:
KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE/ Construction in Process, Lodz, Poland in 1981
- List and images of what I sent to Lodz in 1981

A film made by IBM "Ideas, Experiments, Results", Paris, 1977 shows Manfred Mohr
at his studio and at the "Centre de Calcul" de la Météorologie Nationale.
The artworks being plotted in this film are from this work-phase.
- Manfred Mohr's excerpt from this film