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Manfred Mohr "Generative Bilder und Zeichnungen 1977/78", 1978
Galerie Heinz Teufel, Cologne , Germany, 7. April - 9. June, 1978

This catalog contains work from 1977-1978

  • Same workphase as last part of 1977 catalog, clipping with a window and cuts by cartesian planes, drawings/paintings 1977-1978.
  • The cube is cut by its frontal square window (0,0,0 rotation of the cube), seperating the structure into inside and outside lines. The cubes are also cut by horizontal, vertical or planes in the Z direction while showing 2 independent rotations of the cube in each half. Long series of these windowed and cut rotations are shown. The tension of the rotation along the cut-line are made visible in these series.

Exhibition catalog (german)



Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog:

Windowing, clipping, and cutting

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