liquid symmetry - 2020-2021
algorithmic_modulations - 2019
transit-code works from 2017 - 2018
artificiata II works from 2012 - 2016
parallelResonance works from 2009 - 2011
klangfarben works from 2006 - 2007
subsets.motion 2003 - 2005
subsets works from 2003 - 2005
space.color.motion 2002-2004
space.color works from 1999 - 2003
monograph works from 1960 - 1998
experiments & collaborations

All my artworks from 1969 to the present are generated by computer algorithms, conceived and written by myself.

With algorithmic computer art there are two dates associated with an artwork. The first date is the year of the finished algorithm written as a computer program (which is also the date of the first artwork generated from this program). The second date reflects when a particular artwork is rendered at a later date, since once an algorithm is written many unique artworks can be generated from it.

Since I didn't realize the importance of signing my artworks with the two dates (mentioned above) until late 1977, my algorithmic artworks from 1969 to late 1977 are single dated with the date of their actual physical realization. From late 1977 to the present my artworks are double dated - Algorithm/Rendering - unless these two dates are the same.

The artworks displayed on this website reflect the dates of creation of my algorithms.