Manfred Mohr

In my artistic development I did not have the typical constructivist background. I was an action painter and jazz musician.
Through a development of consciousness, I detached myself from spontaneous expressions, and, in the mid 60's, turned to a more systematic, geometric form of expression.

It was mainly the writings of the German philosopher Max Bense and the French composer Pierre Barbaud which radically changed my thinking - pointing to a rational construction of art.

Since 1973, in my research, I have been concentrating on fracturing the symmetry of a cube (including since 1978 n-dimensional hypercubes), using the structure of the cube as a "system" and "alphabet".
The disturbance or disintegration of symmetry is the basic generator of new constructions and relationships.

The computer became a physical and intellectual extension in the process of creating my art. I write computer algorithms i.e. rules that calculate and then generate the work which could not be realized in any other way. It is not necessarily the system or the logic I want to present in my work, but the visual invention which results from it. My artistic goal is reached, when a finished work can visually dissociate itself from its logical content and convincingly stand as an independent abstract entity.

Over the past two decades I had many solo and group-shows in galleries and museums world-wide.

In 1994, the first comprehensive monograph (hard cover 240 pages) about my work was published by Waser-Verlag (ISBN 3-908080-39-8) in Zürich.