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Manfred Mohr "Divisibility III, Generative Works, Part III, Works from 1985-1986", 1986
Galerie D+C Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart, Germany, 6 Dezember 1986 - 24 Januar 1987

This workphase contains work from 1985-1986 Work from this workphase was shown at Manfred Mohr's one-person exhibitions:
  • Manfred Mohr - Divisibility III, Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart, Germany, 6. Dec 1986 - 24. Jan 1987
  • Manfred Mohr - Fractured Symmetry | Retrospective 1960-87, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 31. Oct. - 6. Dec., 1987
  • Manfred Mohr - Zeichnungen + Bilder, Galerie Heinz Teufel, Cologne, Germany, 26. Feb - 26. Mar, 1988
  • Manfred Mohr - Retrospective 1960-87, Reuchlin Museum, Pforzheim, Germany, 10. Jul. - 14. Aug., 1988
and at the group exhibition:
  • 2nd Emerging Expressions Biennale, The Artist and the Computer, Computer Generated Imagery, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, , 1987

  • This workphase is the complement of the last workphase Divisibility II 1984. It again shows the organic-like growth over the original 4-cut as generator. Here only the out-lines are shown as shapes (the in-lines are not present). The growth is shown as a spine-like broken branching line, each part of which passes through the generating center of the 4-cuts of one generation to the centers of the 4-cuts of the next generation.
  • This workphase was developed 1985-1986.
  • The works are realized as drawings and paintings with hash lines filling the out-lines (surfaces) and as relief structures with the out-line shaped surfaces in gray cardboard and the spine in wood, superimposed on the growth.

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Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog

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