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Manfred Mohr "Dimensions, Generative Works, Part I, Works from 1977-1978", 1979
Galerie D+C Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart, Germany, 4 Marz - 22 April 1979

This workphase contains work from 1977-1978
Work from this workphase was shown at Manfred Mohr's one-person exhibitions:
  • Manfred Mohr - Dimensions, Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart, Germany, 4. Mar - 22. Apr 1979
  • Manfred Mohr - Generative Works 1969-1979, Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, Canada, 10. Nov - 7. Dec 1979
  • Manfred Mohr - Dessins Génératifs, Galerie Pierre Weiller, Paris, France, 6. Dec 1979 - 26. Jan 1980
  • Manfred Mohr - Werkübersicht von 1965-1980, Galerie Heinz Teufel, Cologne, Germany, 1. Mar - 20. Apr 1980

  • This is the first Manfred Mohr workphase catalog using the n-dimensional cube as a fixed structure. In this workphase, he uses the graph of the 4th dimensional hypercube.
  • This workphase contains work from 1977-1978.
  • In this workphase, Mohr also introduces the diagonal path as an element/alphabet in his work.
  • Algorithms/Methods: paths over structures, sub-structures, division of a structure into parts, recombination of divided structures, magic square as a composition element, combinatorics, numbered paths, path lines are summed to create thicker lines, vertices used as element, computer generated visual diagrams to describe a process, black and gray ink drawings.
  • The work consists of drawings, paintings, series of paintings, and multi-part wooden reliefs.

Exhibition catalog (german, english, french)




Subsequent history of the paintings from the catalog

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