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P148, "inschrift", plotter drawing ink on paper, 50cm x 50cm, 1973

© 1973 by Manfred Mohr

About the algorithm:
The drawing is constructed from a series of 2 horizontal solid lines spaced a distance apart. For each pair of lines, a random sequence of 0's and 1's are generated such that a short line is drawn at the bottom of the top line if the number is 1 and at the top of the bottom line if it's 0. As an aesthetic decision not to start or end with a solid horizontal line, the top and bottom of the drawing have missing complementary lines.

First published:
Catalog Manfred Mohr, "Drawings Dessins Zeichnungen Dibujos", Galerie Weiller, Paris and Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, 1974

About the work:
A drawing from this program, owned by the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Germany, was shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in the exhibition "Printed Art - A View of Two Decades", curated by Riva Castleman, 1980.