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P-228 / 0000-1111, plotter drawings ink on paper, first of 8 drawings, 1978, 55cm x 41cm each

close up of P-228 / 0100-1011

Series of 8 drawings 1978. click for larger image

© 1978 by Manfred Mohr

About the algorithm:
The "dimensions" work-phase is based on the graph of a 4-Dimensional hyper-cube. The graph is a two-dimensional representation of the hyper-cube, indicating relationships between points, lines, squares and cubes inherent in this structure. In the algorithm for this drawing, all the 24 combinatorially possible diagonal paths along the edges of the structure between two diagonally opposite points (here 0000 - 1111) are shown along with their coordinates as numbers 0s and 1s. This drawing is one of a series of 8 drawings, each of which shows all the paths between 2 diagonally opposite points on the 4-D graph. Also shown is a closeup and part of the drawing of the diagonally opposite points 0100 and 1011. The set of 8 drawings show all the possible diagonal paths in a 4-D hyper-cube and all these 8 drawings are shown in the "Dimensions" catalog (see below).

First published:
Manfred Mohr, "Dimensions", Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart 1979
The set of these 8 drawings are in the catalog.