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P-306/O 1980-82 P-306/A 1980-82 P-306/E 1980-82
P-306/P 1980-82 P-306/K 1980-82 P-306/F 1980-81
4-cut reliefs, with out-lines as form, and in-lines as black signs

P-335/A - Sequence of 5 paintings 1980-1983, from algorithm 1980-1981

4-cut (clipped by square frontal window - 0,0,0 degrees) with in-lines black, out-lines gray. A sequence of overlaying 1/4 moves (alternating horizontal and vertical)

P-308-E, 1980 - 81

P-308-B, 1980
A cube is cut by the X and Y cartesian planes into a "4-cut". Top image shows "in-lines" (signs). Bottom image shows "out-lines" (shapes). Cut rotates from 0 to 90 degrees.
All drawings showing "in-lines" are made from 2 overlaying sheets of semi-transparent paper, the top with the "in-lines", the bottom with the "out-lines" shapes in black.

P-304-E 1980

P-300/AA 1980

Matrices of 4-cuts, showing "in-lines" (signs) and "out-lines' (forms). The "out-lines" were also constructed as a wooden relief with 144 pieces.

P302B, 1980
Diagram of cube cut by X catesian plane, then Y cartesian plane forming "4-cut", "in-lines" (signs) and "out-lines" (shapes) shown.

2-D projections of 3-D "Four-Cut", XY, XZ, YZ, 1980-85

Series of 5 "4-cut" structures, P-308, with rotating cut axis, 1980 - 92

Private collection Connecticut, USA, 1982

visual developments of form with corresponding wooden reliefs, 1980-1981
private collection Seoul formerly in collection Montreal / New York

Divisibility I

Workphase catalog:
Manfred Mohr, "Divisibility", Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montréal 1981    (catalog and shows)