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photo of conference 1975
Photo: "Revue T"
left to right: Georges Charbonnier, Pierre Barbaud, Manfred Mohr and moderator; second row: Mme. Lucie Barbaud, Mme. Janine Charbonnier and Ms. Estarose Wolfson

Long before the internet was invented, governments, companies and individuals tried to communicate via satellite between countries or cities. In 1975, I was invited by the French Telephone Company together with the French composer Pierre Barbaud and the art critic Georges Charbonnier to take part in such an experiment. Communication was established between Paris and Geneva and a discussion of several hours took place. On the Geneva side was M. Berger (Museum of Fine Art, Geneva), M. Pierre Guyonnet (composer) and M.Livio (radio host Geneva) In our case, the theme was Art and Programming. The above historic photo from 1975 nowadays looks funny and antiquated but that was the high-tech of that time.

Manfred Mohr