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Script of Computer Generated Film
'Cubic Limit' (1973-1974) by Manfred Mohr

Film Title:

The title of the film uses a font that Manfred Mohr created and programmed for the computer in 1970.

Sequence 1:

- A single large cube, with solid edges, rotates in 3-D.
- As it rotates, it slowly breaks up into 25 embedded cubes each starting at the same center point but moving slowly towards their positions on a 5x5 grid. At the same rate, they are shrinking in size so that they fit onto the 5x5 grid as non-overlapping cubes.

- The cubes find their positions and continue rotating in unison.
- They then rotate randomly with respect to eachother.

- Still randomly rotating, the cubes start losing edges. The maximum number of edges visible for each cube is diminishing slowly. This continues until there are no edges left and the scene becomes blank.

Sequence 2:

- At a slower pace, cubes now in a 4x4 grid and rotating in unison appear. Each cube adds one side at a time (from 0 to 12 edges)

and then subtracts one side at a time (from 12 to 0 edges). The order of the edges appearing for each cube are randomly chosen.

Sequence 3:

- One edge appears from each cube, on a 4x4 grid. Edges are added at predefined places and rotate slowly into a superstructure, forming a single large cube with dashed edges.

Movie "Cubic Limit":

© 1975 by Manfred Mohr