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High Resolution Light Beam Plotter Drawings - 1969

In the fall of 1969, Dr. Peter Kemmey, a friend of my wife Estarose from Brookhaven National Lab, NY, visited us in Paris and got so excited when he saw the results of my first programs I had just written in FORTRAN IV. He promised, that on his return to New York, he would run my program on their super computer which had a high resolution computer output microfilm plotter (COM) attached. It could instantly draw images with a light beam on light sensitive glossy photo paper (12cm x 12cm) in black on white. He generously ran my program and sent me some 30 fantastic results. For the first time in my life I saw something that had never been experienced in an artistic environment: I could look at multiple results generated from one and the same logic.

All drawings are from Program P-018, 1969







© 1969 by Manfred Mohr